Leadership Team

Conley's leadership team is comprised of experienced managers who are committed to customer service. The executive staff is focused on recruiting and developing the most qualified and dedicated workforce available.


James J. "JC" Conley, President

JC has over 30 years experience in the defense industry. After joining his father's business in 1997, he was chosen to manage the company's logistics projects. He was then promoted to Director of Operations, and later, Chief Operating Officer. In 2004, JC became President of CAI.


Robert S. Conley, Vice President for Administration

Bob has over 13 years experience as a defense contractor, including 8 years of hands on experience with the C4ISR Program. As Vice President, Bob performs key functions in purchasing, contracts, and general administration of the company.


Michael Grieshaber, Chief Financial Officer

Mike has 30 years of government finance experience including accounting, treasury, contracts, and IT. He has worked with McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) and Engineered Support Systems (ESSI). Mike is a member of the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP).


Frank A. Tricomi, Chief Operating Officer

Frank is a retired Army Colonel and served more than 27 years in a variety of command and senior staff assignments. His military assignments included program, acquisition, and contract management positions. Since retiring in 1995, he served as Executive Director of the Wisconsin Procurement Institute, Director of Program Management at Engineered Air Systems, and President of ESSIbuy.com, Inc., an e-commerce and supply chain management company.


John Redinger II, Director of Operations

John is a retired Army Colonel with more than 26 years of commissioned service.His military assignments range from command and staff positions in transportation, logistics and special operations, including two combat deployments.He is an International Society of Logistics, Demonstrated Master Logistician (DML) and has extensive experience with Army Watercraft maintenance and operations both in the United States and overseas.